Ironbound Intermodal is a multi-intermodal operator with two facilities in the Port of NY/NJ complex.  With cargo handling capabilities and productivity second to none in the Port of NY&NJ,  Ironbound Intermodal is able to handle any type or size cargo being imported or exported for the NY/NJ Ports.

Ironbound’s project cargo team is one of the largest in the breakbulk industry with a wide range of knowledge in handling breakbulk, heavy, oversized and abnormal cargoes. With excellent locations and liner contacts, we are often able to load/unload cargo, block and brace, along with a getting an NCB (National Cargo Bureau) inspection, and make clients vessel cuts which in turn reduces cost and improves transit times, reliability and flexibility. These features of our breakbulk cargo services are unmatched in the wider industry.

 Breakbulk cargo often forms part of a wider project in which road logistics and other modes of transportation are needed. Ironbound Intermodal’s cargo team has the equipment and personal, along with sound knowledge and most importantly established pedigree and stability to get your breakbulk cargo to and from the ports in NY/NJ.

Ironbound Breakbulk Cargo Shipments Key Features:

·         On site supervision of cargo loading / discharging

  • Competitive breakbulk rates

  • ILA Union Facility

  • Block and Brace knowledge on behalf of NCB (National Cargo Bureau)

  • Continuous cargo management throughout transportation

  • Stevedoring teams with specialised heavy/oversized cargo experience

  • Hazardous cargo handling

  • Special permits and customs clearance

·         Our project cargo team regularly attends cargo handling operations port side in order to give our customers reassurance and confidence that their breakbulk cargo is being handled safely and correctly.

·         Our project cargo team is one of the largest and most knowledgeable in the industry. Our combined experience stretches into many thousands of breakbulk shipments, a level of expertise which cannot be matched in the industry.